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Medium Suggestion: Distillery System

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Kentucky as a state is known for bourbon; Kentuckians claim bourbon as their own, usually citing Elijah Craig as their inspiration.  Heaven Hills is based out of Louisville and has been since the 1910s, and they make many well-known brands of whisky (like Evan Williams, see others at https://www.heavenhill.com/history.php --- must be 21+ to view). 

So while Louisville might be a long ways' away, including the liquor manufacturing for the inevitable whisky companies in Louisville doesn't have to be! 

Perhaps for a longer-term feature, we could work on a distilling method for liquor, perhaps something like this:

1. Build a rain barrel. 

2. Put milled (IE processed) grains into it; using corn would work

3. Put hot water in the barrel

4. Put yeast (yes, cooking yeast) into it
5. Put into a fermenter (basically a big steel barrel), keep it temp-controlled, and wait 3 days (7 if no electricity for temp-control), occasionally "watering" it with cold water. Congrats, you made beer!
6. Continue toward whisky. Build or find a column still. Building a still would require cooking and metalworking skill.  Distilling takes a few hours, so setting this up like a kitchen stove item (with an on/off button and a place to put the fermented beer) might not be a bad idea. Congrats, you made icky-tasting whisky! 
7. Build a cask to store well. Perhaps you could even re-use the rain barrel from #1. Carpentry skill dictates how good the barrel is; if you build a bad barrel, you may lose some of the liquor. 
8. Let it age if you're inclined. Congrats, you made better whisky! 

In-game reasons for this:


  • Long-term, non-spoilable happiness item-making
  • Long-term manufacturing of disinfectant
  • An alternative to jarring for food storage 
  • A long-term way to get wasted & make bad PZ survivor decisions
  • Later down the line, for a Louisville bourbon distillery and NPC item-trading as a commodity 




  • If it's made too detailed, it could be confusing
  • Outside of roleplayers, not many players would get wasted on purpose


Anybody in this forum made their own liquor before? What may I be missing? 

P.S. Maybe you could even convince Indiestone management you need to tour a local whisky manufacturer and/or try to make your own Indiestone whisky for research purposes....

Sources w/ pictures & charts: https://blog.distiller.com/making-whiskey-mash-bill/ https://blog.distiller.com/whiskey-deconstructed-distillation/ http://www.ispirits.com.au/wawcs0148057/faqs.html https://www.whisky.com/information/knowledge/production/overview/how-bourbon-whiskey-is-made/bourbon-distillation.html 

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