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NULL in player name

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Currently it is possible to log in to MP server with non-printable ASCII (e.g., NULL) in character's name. I'm not sure how exactly people doing this, but they are doing this and game cannot handle it properly. For example, non-printable symbols will not be stored in log. For example, you have a player registered as "Sake\u0000nj". But in logs he'll be registered as "Sakenj". And it is a little bit harder to kick or ban this user by name - you need to look him up by partial match ot some property other than name to get his steamid.


And, nope, AllowNonAsciiUsername option can't help with this due to NULL is in ASCII range.


Currently we ban this users ASAP, but it'll be nice if they won't be able to log in at all.



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