[MP] Host freezing while other players are fine.
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My friend and I have gotten back in the game recently and I have been hosting via the in-game host option. 

However, the game has been freezing on me (the host) while my friends see no changes in their game other than my character just stopping in the middle of the horde hehe haha . My game won't respond so I eventually close out.

When we enter back in My friends spawn in where they left off, while I spawn in a location that I was in a minute before the freeze. 


At first, it was fine we didn't get the first freeze until hours later but now not even 5 mins and my game freeze every time.

It use to work forever maybe it's the new Build??


Things I tried. 

-Allocating less/More memory for the server 

-Making sure that I had no mods (we play vanilla)

- Staying together in a game. 

- Verifying files

-Making new server profiles and deleting old ones. 


Computer specs 

CPU= Intel i7-7700k 4.2Ghz

GPU -Geforce GTX 1080

RAM- 16 Gigs

OS- Windows 10


The file I'm uploading I think is the log file but I'm not exactly sure.



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