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Caveman: Limited repair of raw axe and hammer, play with toys to reduce boredom.

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This is a very simple mod that I made for myself in 38.xx era, because I felt inconvenient that you could not:

- allow for a limited fix of a primitive axe and hammer, which normally break after three-four uses.

now: if you have ripped sheets or tree branches, you can fix it by "rebinding the stone to stick" or "replacing the tree branch".

but: the repair amount is very limited, around after 20 repairs, chances become very dim and repair effect minimal.


- allow to play with PZ toys, which would improve your mood.

now: you can remind yourself of the days gone, by playing. It does not break the toy, but it will take time.

but: it takes fair amount of time, so chocolate is still best.


How this mod affects balance:

I would say none to minimal.

Primitive axe is very weak and specific item, but at least now you won't have to run barehanded for whole time, because original tools break so soon irreparably.

However you could now actually attempt to build some wall around your first safe house, but it will sure take a lot of time. Maybe searching for right tools would be better option... you consider.

As of toys - it more gives them some use now, than affects balance, because pz world is covered with newspapers, magazines etc.



Unzip into "mods" folder, which should be inside your Zomboid folder with savegames and settings. On Linux its by default ~/Zomboid.


Does it work:

Yes. Its pretty much finished mod, unless something in future versions of PZ breaks or is removed.



WTFPL or CC0 at your choice.


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