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Dead Zone RP

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Dead Zone RP 


Server Address:

Port:  16261


An immersive apocalyptic role-playing experience.


  • New players welcome
  • Friendly staff and great community
  • RP mandatory
  • PvP allowed (see our Discord for rules)
  • Safe PvE areas for non-PVP players


Join our Discord for whitelisting: https://discord.gg/jmjkbph


Hosted on powerful servers sponsored by Vanaheim Studios.

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Great to see a new RP server - hopefully it takes off, I'll try checking it out.


@ZonaryQuasar A server whitelist essentially is a way of approving certain players to join, rather than letting anyone. This generally stops trolls from joining, which is especially important in RP servers as people who aren't there to RP, or don't understand RP can come in and stir up trouble.  Usually servers make you apply to ensure you understand the rules and whatnot, and then your desired username and password are keyed into a file in the server that allows you to join.

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