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Loot is not respawn at all !

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After many times, i don't figure out to make the loot respawn on the server even the option is active.


There is the lines i have done to make it (if i'm not wrong with it) :


SandboxVars.lua :

    LootRespawn = 4,
    SeenHoursPreventLootRespawn = 0,

servertest.ini :



I would like the loot respawn every month on the server. We are 10 players we need absolutly the loot to get back ammo, tools etc.

I attach you the file if you want to check it :


Thank you for your help !




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I think if you set HoursForLootRespawn to 0, you are disabling the respawn.

Set a value to HoursForLootRespawn and see how it goes.


Also, I recommend you check out these links:






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