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I made an obese character (starts with 105kg), and I'm already at the beginning of the second month and he's with 96kg. 

The first month he didn't stop working, cutting logs, making a base, always overburden and running around and I always kept him hungry.

But now that my base is settled, he will spend a lot of time reading, farming, and killing zeds (but no more running, I have 3 cars now), and I'm afraid he will starts to gain weight again.


So I want to ask to the experts, besides the food values (I know that if I just keep eating burguers he will became fat very quickly, because calories), how the code to gain/lose weight works (specially lose)?

If I just keep running around my house I will lose calories?

Every action has a "calorie burn" value? (like cutting a tree, for instance)

Walking around overburden makes him lose weight? 

What is the fastest way to lose weight?


Ok, that's a lot of questions for now. Thanks in advance! :D

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