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Idea for Endgame

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Hello everyone,

I play PZ for few years now - like most of us i play from time to time starting new game after bigger update.

I read very depressing post now about "biggest problem in PZ" which i agree to some point.

I thought about similar things for last few months now.

Maybe it will be possible to add actuall age to the game with (random selected) "die age". Something like when you start your character will die of old age at 80 yo, or from diabeties at 45 unless you find some medikaments or recipie (1 on map) how to make some medicaments (combine at your will, it can be even 40 recipies for certain subproducts of medicament).

This way there will be some sort of "end goal" - identify if when you have long term disease or not, keep searching to get your character survive longer and longer.

It will also give you excuse to leave your self sufficinet fully prepared base and search for stuff.

What do you think guys?

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Okay but are you really gonna play for 50 IG years just because you can die of old age?

Having to find insulin for your diabetes could be more interesting as a -12 malus trait to take.



According to me PZ and endgame don't go well together because we're not supposed to survive long enough to reach endgame. I think it needs more danger. When we ask ourselves "what I'm gonna do now?" it should be about what we gonna do to survive not what we gonna do to make time passes.

What could be interesting is more dangerous events

Imagine having a tornado approaching your safehouse, you pack your car with all you can quickly and escape the area to start over somewhere else.

Big snow storms reducing your chances of survival to zero if you're not well prepared, impossible to use a regular car, movements reduced a lot except with a proper gear, so you have 6 months to prepare yourself

Meteorite fall! No, maybe not...


Also farming shouldn't be as easy as it is now, same thing with trapping and fishing. Why? Because food should be one of the main problems, right now who had problems with it? Except with extreme settings it's impossible to die of hunger. Being self sufficient should be way harder and it would be a big and important goal to achieve, which means you gonna need to scavenge for nonperishable food before reaching this goal if you want to survive, right now it is so easy to get food I don't even have to eat nonperishable food and it's not because I'm a good player, it's because it is too easy to get food, even at lvl 0 farming and lvl 0 trapping I can get food as easily as someone with 10 points in farming and trapping.


Having to take care of your constructions, after some big storm or flood, I don't know so scavenging is always needed and not just to accumulate a ton of loots for centuries


I don't know if these are good ideas or even realisable for some but my main idea is to make survival a thing to care a lot about every days and not only for the first days





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I tried to match it with "this is how you die" motto at the beginning.

Of course as survival game all those things will need to be balanced (and i think they will be at some point).

More killing events, harder to gather food and water etc however "dying of old age" (or some reasonable age, lets say 5 ingame years) could be this "end goal" - something to reach and allow people to keep going. There is no "victory" other than death so seeking for some particular "death" could be a long term goal to allow you to keep going.

Balancing game and make things harder and harder is definitly a way to make it more interesting - i would love that, but it will not wipe out "endgame" all together.

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