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MP Safehouse change owner - not working?

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There is a 'change owner' in the safehouse menu, much like in the faction menu, however unlike the faction (where you get a list of connected players to whom you can transfer faction ownership) the safehouse 'change owner' button just shows a blank box.


Are there some server settings that need to be enabled for this to work, or is it turned off by default?


The reason for not simply disbanding the safehouse and having another player claim it is to get owner + allowed alts into the same safehouse. Non-owner people can log in alts and owner adds them to the safehouse, however as only the owner is allowed to add people to 'allowed' list, no owner alts can possibly get in.


Thanks for any help/tips/pointers.


p.s. The admins on the server I play do not know what the problem is, and they also tried to take ownership of a safehouse/transfer it - did not work for them.


p.p.s. the current settings (according to them) are:



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