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ItemZed Help Bitten Status

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Hello I am more or less a beginner to code and wanted to give modding a shot by trying to making a zombie cure that requires level 10 first aid (because the skill is largely a waste of effort) and a set of random ingredients along with constant ingredients and perhaps a vial of a player's blood. I am using ItemZed but I don't see anything that even suggests the bitten or infected status (zombie virus). I only see things for colds, flus, etc. More specifically, if I could get help with making a script to add a key for the bitten status in ItemZed, that would be great.


**Edit: This is what I have so far but it doesn't seem to work. It does add a key and it does seem to have relevant boolean variables, but I really don't know what I am doing tbh.


-- change local variables accordingly and run script.
local objType = "item";
local itemType = "Food";
local addKey = "Zcure";
local addVal = "1";

function run()
  for w in DataManager.Objects do
    if w.ObjectType.Name==objType then
      if w.HasKey("Type") and w.GetFirstKey("Type").Value==itemType then
        w.AddKeyValuePair(addKey, addVal);

    if IsBitten(Foot_L)==true then
        setBitten(Foot_L, false)
    if IsBitten(Foot_R)==true then
        setBitten(Foot_R, false)
    if IsBitten(ForeArm_L)==true then
        setBitten(ForeArm_L, false)
    if IsBitten(ForeArm_R)==true then
        setBitten(ForeArm_R, false)
    if IsBitten(Groin)==true then
        setBitten(Groin, false)
    if IsBitten(Hand_L)==true then
        setBitten(Hand_L, false)
    if IsBitten(Hand_R)==true then
        setBitten(Hand_R, false)
    if IsBitten(Head)==true then
        setBitten(Head, false)
    if IsBitten(LowerLeg_L)==true then
        setBitten(LowerLeg_R, false)
    if IsBitten(Torso_Lower)==true then
        setBitten(Torso_Lower, false)
    if IsBitten(Torso_Upper)==true then
        setBitten(Torso_Upper, false)
    if IsBitten(UpperArm_L)==true then
        setBitten(UpperArm_L, false)
    if IsBitten(UpperArm_R)==true then
        setBitten(UpperArm_R, false)
    if IsBitten(UpperLeg_L)==true then
        setBitten(UpperLeg_L, false)
    if IsBitten(UpperLeg_R)==true then
        setBitten(UpperLeg_R, false)
    if IsBitten(MAX)==true then
        setBitten(MAX, false)

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