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Crazy ManMan

High intensity gardening and winter gardening

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Perhaps only a skill that can be unlocked when one levels farming up enough, hugh intensity gardening can grow a ton of food in a small space. However it does not produce the same amount of seeds as used and with so many plants close together can come with pets and disease risks. A worthy gamble for somebody that is skilled enough to manage and has plenty of seeds though. It has an added bonus of being able to continually harvested from from a whole season if planted properly.

Additionally even to places as cold as Canada is is possible to farm foods straight through the winter with a few simple tricks. Hoop tunnels and cold frames are the primary methods but there are litterally whole books on strategies for this. Again this would be something that I think should require leveled up farming, for balancing purposes. Here is the book I am reading on the topic.

The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener Book Review

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