Does thick skinned/lucky even do anything?

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I swear I was scratched 9 out of 10 times. I try to play super carefully and almost never get hit but when I do - scratched instantly. It really makes me wonder if this trait even works at all.


Another trait that seems almost useless is lucky. I killed roughly 500 zombies and I DO check every single zombie for axes - I found one axe so far in my playthrough. So unless this trait only affects containers, it's really goddamn bad.

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If I recall correctly, a base scratch attack has a 25% chance of hitting. Thick skin reduces the chance by 10%, while thin skin increases it by 10%. So 15% and 35% respectively.


I believe a zombie has to land a successful scratch to get a chance to bite you, so that also reduces the chances of being bitten as a result. I think I recall reading somewhere it also slightly reduces the chances of developing an regular wound infection from zombie scratches. I don't know if that applies to other wounds like glass cuts, but I imagine it probably doesn't. Your guard skills also affect the chances of an attack landing as well. I think it gets fairly substantial at high skill levels, especially when combined with thick skin.


However low it may be, it can still happen and I've no idea how often zombies get to make an attack attempt. But the odds quickly increase with just a few more zombies attacking you since there is that many more attempts being made against you. It DOES help, but it's no sure thing.


Lucky increases the chances of finding rare items and can make your item repairs more successful, but I don't know any of the numbers. It does nothing other than those two effects.

It is probably less noticeable looting zombies until you've looted a very large number of them, but going to areas with lots of containers like warehouses and storage locations it has more chances to take effect. I imagine the longer you survive with it the more beneficial it becomes.



The thing with traits is they have to be carefully balanced so there isn't as much of a chance of certain traits becoming must haves that makes players feel pressured to select them, so the effects have to be a bit subtle.

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Lucky trait definitly does something - it is my no 1 to have.

few examples i noticed (it might be coinsidance but i played one character withoud lucky and this never happened).

1 - fall of from 1st floor twice. With lucky - no harm, withou - broken leg (every time)

2 - sledghamer finding - with lucky i found 2 in mc logging saw mill, withou i found 1

3. bites/scratches - when there is 2 r more zombies around you and they do whole move to scratch. Wit lucky there is 1 pers 5-6 movements, without lucky 1 per 2-4.

4. wounds - with lucky 7 scratches - no infection 9still live character), without 3 scratches and dies

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