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AGN - New Dawn [Whitelist][Roleplaying]

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Hi friends! AGN has an older thread lurking somewhere, but the person who posted that is no longer a member of staff, so AGN's current staff members have decided to post a new thread that more accurately represents the current state of our server.

Aggressive Gaming Network/New Dawn has been operating steadily for over five years now, primarily as a Project Zomboid roleplay server! Staff writes a "lore" (the general setting of the current story being told), then you craft a character that fits into that lore, send in an application for them, and once a staff member has accepted your application, you can log in and lead a second life new life! Our "lores" typically last months at a time, allowing you the opportunity to develop your character by roleplaying with other characters and participating in events organized and DMed by staff members. To get started on New Dawn, check out our new player guide, which will take you to our rules and the application form!

Please bear in mind that AGN is a safe space for LGBT+ people and characters, as well as people of all ethnic/cultural backgrounds and walks of life, and has rigorously enforced rules against hate speech and toxic behavior. We're here to have fun, and so are our members—and we hope you'll join us!

AGN's current "lore" is:


Set in rural Kentucky in 2015, What We Become is a story of survival and the change that accompanies it! Our narrative began 10 days after the outbreak of oculorubrus, or the "Red Eye" virus, a terrifying infectious disease (spread by bite, scratch or intermingling of bodily fluids in open wounds!) that turns its victims into bloodthirsty cannibals who will stop at nothing to get their next meal! A ragtag team of survivors have fortified Valley Station's central shopping complex, and have worked to establish a community there.

For more information on the early stages of the outbreak, you can click here! For more recent news, check here! If you have any questions or concerns, you can feel free to engage with staff or community members in the public shout box, join our Discord server, or submit a support ticket on the forums!

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