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Laird Thaddeus

Joining MP server via a mobile tether

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Hi all,


hoping for a little help, my group used to have a paid for private server that i used to connect to via a mobile tether (details below) without any issues. we got bored of paying for it and all tailed off playing. we have come back to the game after about 8 months and decided to host our own server (we all work in tech so have the kit). Server works fine for anyone using standard broadband connections but connecting via a mobile tether seems to no longer work.


there are a couple of factors that have changed apart from the server. primarily i upgraded to a one plus 6T form a nexus 6P stayed with EE but on a new contract. i tether all the time for other things just not games. Steam does connect however.


Does anyone know how i might be able to get around this?


i have tried setting up anew APN specifying IPV4 to try and get around the fact that EE use Carrier Grade Nat (CGNAT) but this hasn't worked. server is using standard 16261 port. i cant connect to open internet MP servers either for PZ


Help is greatly appreciated.

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for anyone later reading this EE have opted not to help in the matter. the issue after testing appears to be with my EE account. My SIM does not allow the conenction from any device but other SIMS (different accounts)  work fine. having had a replacement SIM it still does not work.


If anyone know anything that might help or work. any way i can get around this it would be greatly apreciaited as i dont get time to play at home and tend to play during my lunch hour via mobile data tether

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