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Jake Blues

Undead dead Zombies

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I was attacked by 2 hibernating Zs - those which look like dead but will jump up from the groung when you come close to them.

As i was sneaking in the house my axe was ready and i immediatly hit both of them, i guess it was during the jumping animation (i was very quick).

I could hear the sound when you finally kill a Z but those 2 got stuck in the "being pushed back" animation (walking with the body flexed backwards), They also didn´t die or attack me any further, i could still hit them with my axe and both screamed, blood was spilling too.

My character also reacted to them showing the panic icon on the top right.

Final situation: 2 Zs walking on the spot being "alive" for my character although i could walk past them without getting attacked and still being able to hit them with my axe.

This is an ingame screenshot: 


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Happened to me a few times over the years. When it would first happen I would consider it a chance for "free" exp points as you can just beat on them with any weapon and gain exp. Now days I just walk away and they either get deleted after you leave the screen or they start walking again. Can't remember as it has been a bit.

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