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Run time exception, first time map modding(Solved)


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Ok, I managed to get through the tutorial, but now, I have gotten all the way to the the point that I can go in-game, select my map from the mod selection, choose my spawn selection on my map, the game goes to load , quits, and says to check the console text file.
I got this exception:

java.lang.RuntimeException: can't create player at x,y,z=11643,6696,0 because the square is null
at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:2373)
1557992584373 LuaEventManager: adding unknown event "OnPreUIDraw"
1557992584374 LuaEventManager: adding unknown event "OnPostUIDraw"
at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.runInner(GameLoadingState.java:259)
at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.run(GameLoadingState.java:235)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745).

any ideas? I got all excited, only to have my hopes and dreams dashed by a runtime exception. :(

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I have only seen this problem once or twice before and it was because the map maker had jumped a few steps and created an objects.lua file before they had created their foraging zones. This caused the exact same error you are getting.

You will need to start your map mod again (from dragging your BMP/PNG files into WorldEd) as I have not found a way to remove this error from a map mod once it has manifested. The error will also re-occur if you copy any files across from your current mod-in-progress to the new one.

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Yeah I'm stilll hitting this issue, If someone can just post a picture of a flowchart or hierarchy of files in their correct directories, I feel like this issue wouldn't be coming up. 


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You can always subscribe to a map mod on Steam and then browse it's folder/file hierarchy in your Steams Workshop folder (Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/108600) or download Bedford Falls from the Nexus Mods website. However I don't think that will help you with this problem, like I said above, the only 2 times i've seen this problem it was only fixed by starting a fresh mod and following the first few steps of the guide again, making sure you correctly create a spawnpoints.lua file and that you do not create an objects.lua file before adding zones.

Do not copy over any files from your mod which is having the error to your new one (apart from your bmp's/png's).

Test your map as soon as you have created your spawnpoints.lua file and written spawn points in worldEd before continuing to add/edit your map.

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Ok, I went over it again and finally succeeded in spawning on my map. I never did create any objects when I set out from the start of this quest. I only created a grass map with a  spawnpoint and some zombies so that I could learn how to get a test map into the game; buildings come later.  Your guide helped me very much through the process. I will post my solution to the forum with my own step-by-step so that people have an additional example and some filled-in, small-step details to work from. Again, thank you for taking the time to create a guide for us!

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I wrote out some steps to help myself complete Ringo's guide. 
I'm also attaching pictures of my file directories to help see an extremely basic setup to just get a character to spawn on some in-game, grass.
1 pixel = 1 in-game tile
1 cell = 300x300pixel image. 
Use these Base Map Colours for your non-vegetation map. Turn off anti-aliasing(Paint.net's toolbar) and switch the blend mode(Paint.net's toolbar) to "Overwrite"
-----Base Map Colours----
Dark Grass | 90 100 35                             
Medium Grass | 117 117 47 
Light Grass | 145 135 60 
Sand | 210 200 160 
Light Asphalt | 165 160 140 
Dark Asphalt (main roads) | 100 100 100 
Medium Asphalt | 120 120 120 
Gravel Dirt | 140 70 15 
Dirt | 120 70 20 
Dark Pothole | 110 100 100 
Light Pothole | 130 120 120 
Water | 0 138 255 

Once you are finished, save this image as a .bmp file, as well as a .png. Close it, reopen the .png. Copy this image, create a new layer, paste it onto the new layer; uncheck 
the base layer, black out all the areas in which you do not want erosion vegetation to grow; erase, all non-black color. Create a new layer and slide the black-out layer above this new layer.
Each vegetation color is its own layer; work your way up the colors from light grass.
Check all layers except your base layer, merge them in top-down fashion. Save this image as a .bmp with the same name as your first .bmp image, add this suffix: "_veg".
Be mindful to not save the .png you have been working on with this new, merged layer image.

----Veg Map Colours----
Dense Forest | 255 0 0 
Dense Trees + Dark grass | 127 0 0
Trees + grass | 64 0 0
Mainly grass, some trees | 0 128 0
Light long grass | 0 255 0
None (black) | 0 0 0

Create another .bmp file ending with the suffix: "_ZombieSpawnMap" that is always 10x10 less that your map's dimensions. Use black and white. White are zombies spawn, black is not (note, you can turn antialiasing on for this part.) Save.
Drag you original .bmp into the grayed-out cell. You can do this from Windows, or within WorldED. You have to toggle the WorldEd search directory by clicking "view maps" in "view" at the WorldED
toolbar, then navigate the directories until you reach where you stored your .bmp
File>BMP to TMX
WorldEd>Preferences>General>Tiles Directory
You MUST set this path to the tilesets folder called "Tiles" that The Indie Stone has provided. Otherwise you will see many red question marks in your cell.
Choose where to export your .tmx file. Just create a new folder with a relevant name and choose it.
Check "Assign generated maps to world" and "Report unknown ?colours" and click ok.

I think these are self explanatory.






From here, you can follow the rest of Ringo's guide.

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