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Suggestion: Merge Weather & Vehicles to introduce hazardous driving conditions

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tl;dr - weather effects currently present in the game also affect road quality, road safety, & the ability of a player to operate a vehicle safely; not only impaired vision from fog / thunderstorms, but also mucking up the operation of the vehicle itself (as tires/brakes can't handle mud/ice/snow well). 


Merging weather & vehicles / road safety would be awesome! 


Examples of hazards would be:

  • Ice on concrete roads in late fall / early spring, when rainfall starts to freeze overnight & snow that's melted during the day freezes at night. 
    • Skidding on roads! I hope you're making your turns properly! Slip & slide all day every day, unless you're -really- careful and going -really- slow. 
    • Did you take speed demon? Oh boy, if your wheels spin out on you, you might be getting real close to Greene's.
  • Heavy snowfall
    • Limiting vehicles speeds, especially low-to-the-ground car speeds (like sedans). No snow plow service around town!
    • Bonus points if snow also covers up cars' windshields & the like. Snow scraping time! Hopefully the zombies don't hear you de-icing the car.... 
  • Super-cold weather 
    • EDIT: per comments, winter tires to be able to move efficiently during the cold months? 
    • If it's notably cold for a few days (like in mid-winter in PZ) & a vehicle's low on gas, and the car hasn't been started for a few days, and the engine's old... you might have to find a friend to jump-start your car, because the gas lines (the route gas takes from the tank to your engine) froze from the cold & the engine won't start! 
    • Fun fact: while gas won't freeze itself, if your gas tank's pretty empty, water vapor builds up in it. That water vapor -can- freeze, and when it does, it makes your car unable to start.  A week at a quarter-tank can screw you easy. 
  • Rain & mud on dirt roads / wilderness
    • Did it rain recently, or is it raining right now? Time for some mud racing!


All ideas are purely from living in suburban Chicago / rural Illinois for years & dealing with winter weather. 


What other ideas do you guys have for merging weather already in the game & vehicle operation together? 

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11 hours ago, Pandorea said:

..seems to be too easy to die on the roads as is atm ;)


You know, I'm terrible at driving on roads too. I always feel the urge to drive at 70 MPH and forget that, just up ahead, there's a 90 degree turn. Maybe I'm a masochist by offering up this suggestion! 

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