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Autosave routine needs to be reworked

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When player drives a car for the loot, spends some time there then returns to the base and the game crashes - car disappears.


I've experienced an issue muliple times already:

I gets a car, goes around the city and collects pretty valuable stuff. Then I returns to the base and starts to sort it out. While I do it game falls to this issue crashes.

As a result - car disappears and everything rolls back to the state like I've just came back. BUT player's inventory remains the state as it was right before the crash.

As a more indepth result: everything what was looted on adjacent cells is disappeared (it was looted), but not on the base (player inventory is in "new" state).


I am not sure how the autosave routine really works now, but judging on what I see - cell saved when the player leaves it and goes to the next cell.

If I correct, the "visited" cell needs to be saved also. That'll prevent the car from disappearing.

Possible solution: when player's inventory is saved, current cell state also to be saved. But not directly. Save it as a "player.temp" and "cell.temp" files for example. And if the save worked correctly (no failure) just rename to correct names then. That'll prevent a save from curruption in a manner "one file is an hour old and another was just saved". In a more simple words: that'll prevent synchronization issue among the savefiles.

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