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Game Freezing every few seconds


My game keeps freezing every few seconds, it makes it unplayable and completely breaks the immersion. It didn't happen at all last year when cars update launched.
This have been happening since January so it's been 3 months since I cannot play PZ.
So I've tried everything and nothing worked:
-Lowered every graphical aspect of the game, resolution too.
-Deactivated VOIP ingame.
-Allocated more RAM in both the bat file and the json file (2gb 4gb and 8gb).

-My PC specs are overkill for this game (16gb RAM, Ryzen 5 1600X, SSD, GeForce 1060GTX 6GB).
-All drivers are up to date.
-No mods and I've unsubscribed from all the mods.
-Reinstalled the game, and deleted all related folders in the computer even in the %appdata% folder.
-Changed Disk drives.
-RAM scanning was fine.
-Tried all the beta versions avaiable on Steam.

I don't know what else to do and nowhere on the internet says it's gonna be fixed on next update please help. I can't actually play your game.

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You can try two things that come to mind.
- Check your AMD Graphic Control Panel as well, it may be forcing unwanted graphics settings on the game (Such as Vsync or Anti-Aliasing etc.)
-Another thing we can check is if there is any error happening while it freezes. Play the game and watch it freeze a few times, so the freezes are logged into the console and we can have a look (if there are any errors causing them)
After that, quit the game and go to "C:\Users\tazit\Zomboid" and upload the "" file from there here. It should contain information from the logs so we can see if anything was happening there.

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Hello Beard I've tried tuning the settings in the Nvidia Control Panel to see if they were forcing unwanted graphics, but it was fine and the freezes kept happening. And Burger_Time I've tried turning both Post-processing and Dynamic Skybox off and still no difference but thanks for the advice anyway.
So I am uploading the file so you can see what's happening there.

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I don't really see anything out of the ordinary from the logs unfortunately. Another thing that comes to mind is disabling the Steam overlay and any other overlays.
Some security programs can sometimes cause the freezes as well.

I imagine the mini-freezing comes mostly from outside of the game, something messing with it every 15 seconds or so, there is a lot that can cause that in a computer with backround tasks running and some computer settings being off. Has anything else changed since the car update when it didnt lag before? Have you tried rolling back the update before the cars just to test if the lags are still around? Just to pinpoint the issue better.

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On 4/12/2019 at 9:24 AM, Burger_Time said:

That happens with me too if I turn on Post-processing and Dynamic Skybox at the same time. Try turning these two off.

I've the same problem, and with these two options off the game works better, but it still need something: the freezing are shorter and less frequent, but still annoying :blink:

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Drivers as mentioned. Always try to go back to the original drivers for you MB to start with. Updated drivers do not mean they are going to work with your system. Most of the time if your system is running fine stick with it. Or update one driver at a time and then give it a few days so you can see how it reacts with your system. If you update multiple drivers you are not sure which one is causing an issue.

Background program could be at fault.

Wireless devices as well. Move some dongles around. IE ones in the back to the front.

Check power settings.

Is your HDD running in IDE mode instead of AHCI? If you change from IDE to AHCI then make sure your OS is running in AHCI. Sometimes you need to tell it.

Check your bios. There is a power saving setting on mine that wants to force idle the computer.

Also which OS did you dl from here. Might be some information in the forum thread about the same issue.


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