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Drink to the Memory

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Hi all, the best way to Thursdoid this week is probably to list a few of the things that went into the internal build this week. So here we go…


We had been waiting for the animations build to resize cars, due to the difference in size between our old and new character models. Yuri has now done some magic, and readjusted the physics – so now the in-game vehicles look like this. Which, we reckon, is a nice improvement.

Now Yuri is tweaking his water effects, adjusting the intensity of their outlines and improving the banks of rivers, while also looking to improve the vehicle saving system so (very rare) events of car loss can be eradicated.


New animations tied into the new system include: applying bandages and taking pills.

[Traditional disclaimer: work in progress! Improved/sharper character models seen in previous blogs not yet in main test build!]

Also, digging graves and pouring contents from bottles out onto the ground. Allowing you to pour one out for your homies, if you so choose.


Other note of interest added to the internal build – beyond an awful lot of debug improvements, rendering stuff and engine work beyond the comprehension of the blog writer- includes:

  • Fixed not being able to ripsheets, issues when running with a gun, holes in backpacks, gas masks having hair.
  • Clothing: Added padded jacket and poncho having hood up or down. Added survivalist outfit.
  • Added seed bag so seeds didn’t have to take up a whole cupboard with the new loot system. Safehouse looting/Survivor cache also now uses the system.
  • Crowbar is now a 2 hand weapon.
  • Fixed Drink Tap Water anim not working.
  • All connected parts of double-doors and garage-doors now shake together when hit.
  • Added reversible baseball cap.
  • Added a hunter’s vest – which also looks like a fisherman’s vest.
  • Fixed zombies sometimes dying twice from hits, and fake-dead zombies auto-dying after performing their attack.
  • Fixed lighting on fake-dead zombies. Fixed player not climbing over a wall when standing in a bush/tree. Fixed gun sound playing when shoving with a gun equipped.
  • Sim-style cutaway optimizations and general improvements.
  • New lake, river and puddle shaders added to main internal build.

Thanks everyone!

This week’s book shop calamity from Fixer. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ MailingList that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right hereOur Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.

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Posted (edited)

So, I love the new "task" animations (self-care, taking pills, digging grave, pouring one out for a fallen homie, etc) ... But can I suggest to add a small animation in between opening the pill bottle and slamming the bottle into your mouth? 


It's a great "drinking" animation, but no one would ever take pills that way. Considering pills(especially painkillers) are supposed to be taken one or two at a time, maybe animate so the character opens the bottle and taps the bottle into their opposite hand to simulate "shaking one out" and puts the hand with the pill up to their face? 

Edited by Sick Boy

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The vehicles sizes do look much better which is good so that  the car looks more reasonable size. Hopefully  the car crash sound effect will be different so that it wont sound like breaking a window.


injuries animations look interesting I hope to see some visible  bandages and watches on the player. Hopefully some animations on fracture injuries animations like crawling or limping.


interesting work done on the digging graves animations:D and pouring some whiskey on the grave.



Im excited for the animations update cant wait to play that new update. :)   



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17 hours ago, Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] said:

Is there an approximate date of the test animations of the game?


You should know better than to ask that.  :grin:


16 hours ago, Sick Boy said:

It's a great "drinking" animation, but no one would ever take pills that way.


I have to agree. I've never seen anyone take pills like this in real life. Maybe in films.


Cannot wait for this build! (clyde)

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Posted (edited)

I didn't see it but I guess you made animations to throw things like molotovs... It would be nice to be able to throw stones, balls etc to divert zombies's attention

Edited by Axezombie

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Posted (edited)

This looks great! One issue, though.


My only note is that the pickup truck is now far too small in comparison to the other vehicles. It definitely needs a little bit of an upscale. It also should ride a little higher than that in terms of ride height, but size is the more obvious concern. Example:




For reference, in the collision with the compact hatchback, it is clear that both vehicles are the same size, even though realistically the pickup would be much bigger. 


Source: My father restored one of these (1981 1500) and I know all too well just how much harder it is to park one of these compared to my 2005 pursuit based on size alone. :)

Edited by Kim Jong Un

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