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Marks journal, page 4


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I'll be damned... I was carrying too much and decided to store some stuff in a random trunk... I found an axe!

I hadn't even thought of checking the cars for loot, gonna have to remember that. Maybe now I can clear out

that damned medical center, my hand's getting pretty nasty.


I've been dropping my dirty rags instead of washing them... I don't know if they attract zeds but I don't wanna

take the chance, besides I can easily make more, especially with my new axe and the abundance of shirts and

pants wandering around. I wish this'd heal faster though...

Serves me right for getting greedy and not having a clear exit I s'pose. Clearing broken windows is so damn

noisy, but I guess I can always clear the windows and come back later if I've been noticed.


I wish I could get some better meds. Maybe something for the pain... I can't keep drinking myself to sleep.

I've been checking bathroom cabinets but haven't found anything yet. Unless I get lucky with the next few

trailers I think I'm gunna have to prioritise clearing Cortman's. At least I've got a decent chance now.


Still haven't found any others. I'll keep looking. I heard another scream the other day, but the place was

overrun. Sometimes I wish they'd scream before it's too late so I can actually find and help them but I guess 

we're all trying to be as quiet as possible. I'm so lonely.

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