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[24/7 Dedicated][PvP/PvM][Semi-RP][New Server]FUGC Project Zomboid Server


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Hello! Our discord server is currently in the process of upgrading, and on March 29th, we are opening with a new wipe! We have some RP, but it's not enforced just encouraged. There isn't many rules, and we encourage players to make their own factions and communities. Please come check out our discord channel, where we will be updating over the next few days and adding more lore. We have quite a few players waiting for this server to open, and we would love for you to be one of the first to break new ground! 

The server will be dedicated 24/7, have admin support and 64 max player cap.


Please come visit us on discord for more info! https://discord.gg/FxPGPKv

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