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Bug with red BBQ Build 40.43

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the red BBQ can be lit only with magazines and newspapers,  it should accept the same items as the campfire, right?


I would like to fix it myself, what file I have to modify to fix this?





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Are you using any mods? If I remember correctly, hydrocraft would cause this bug where certain fuel items would not register.


Nope, not using any mod.

Even on the wiki it is mentionned "While you can use ripped sheets to light a campfire, it doesn't work with charcoal BBQ. Use paper (magazine, newspaper, etc) or gas. "

So I guess it's not actually a bug because it was designed like that, but to me it doesn't make sense, it feels like a bug.


Well bug or not it should change,  except if there is a very good reason to not be able to lit a BBQ like a campfire

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