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These are the different levels of permissions available to be applied to your mods, so that other modders know how they can be used. After selecting the appropriate mod permission for your project, just include the relevant image and link to the proper permission in the first post of your WIP/Complete mod thread. The appropriate image/link code is included in each post, so that people can click on the pic to read the terms.


Note: mods that do not have any explicit permissions are assumed to have "Credit Where It's Due" as their default.


Note: these permissions are for other modders, and do not apply to The Indie Stone. See the last post in this thread for more details.

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Free for all

This mod can be added to and extended by the whole community. Crediting the original author would be lovely, but isn't necessary. (Then again, this community values loveliness above all else.)

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Credit where it's due
This mod can be added to and extended by anyone in the community, but credit must be given to the original author within the files of the mod - and posted alongside the mod wherever it roams.
This is the default permissions setting, if no other permissions info is specified.

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Ask for permission
This mod can only be added to and extended with the express permission from the original creator. Having received permission, credit must be given to the original creator, both within the files of the mod and wherever the mod roams online.
If no permission is received you may not alter the mod, and it must be treated as a mod that is 'On Lockdown'.

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On Lockdown
This mod cannot be modified by anyone else, for anything else, at all, ever. Even if the user disappears, he or she would much rather you didn't touch the fruits of their hard labour.

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Please note that the above permissions are for other modders, and do not apply to The Indie Stone. The entire EULA can be read here, but the specific parts that pertain to modding are as follows:


By purchasing Project Zomboid or using our forums, this is what you are permitted to do:

The golden rule is that you can do what you want with Project Zomboid as long as it is not for commercial purposes (i.e. for your own profit) or for malicious/illegal purposes.  Some examples of what we mean are below.  If you have any doubts or questions about whether you can or can’t do something, contact us first at info@theindiestone.com instead of just doing/not doing it!

We give you a licence to:
  • Change or distribute the base files or contents in any way you like, provided that those changes do not result in you making Project Zomboid available to play or download , or are for the purposes of cheating, hacking, exploits or griefing other people or are malicious or illegal in intent or practice.
  • Use art, music, video footage or other assets of Project Zomboid for creative purposes in any way you like providing the end result is related in some way to Project Zomboid, is for non-commercial use only and states Project Zomboid as its influence and origin by supplying the following wording prominently with the assets: ”Thanks to The Indie Stone for creating Project Zomboid http://projectzomboid.com/), which made this possible.  This is an unofficial fan production for non-commercial purposes made under the Indie Stone Terms [link to these terms]“
  • If you use any third party contents, IP, software or tools together with Project Zomboid then it’s your responsibility to make sure you have all the necessary licences and permissions etc.
  •  You can make gameplay footage or “Let’s Play” type videos on YouTube or other online video platforms, and monetise them if you like too.

This means that we still own Project Zomboid and everything in it, plus our forums too.  It’s just that we’re giving you the right to play around with the game, as explained above.

Just in case it wasn’t clear from earlier, you are not permitted to:
  • Modify the base files of Project Zomboid to include malicious code or other naughtiness.
  • Distribute Project Zomboid yourself, or host its download. In order to ensure the game’s integrity we recommend it should only ever be downloaded from established portals on which we’ve placed it (Desura, Steam etc).
In terms of the modding of PZ, you also agree that:
  • The Indie Stone reserve the right to implement any features in the game irrespective of whether mods exist that accomplish the same goal.
  • The Indie Stone are free to use any ideas found in user mods, and while we will give credit if we genuinely use ideas directly from mods – we are not required to give credit or remuneration of any kind.

(This is purely because people may create mods that are already part of the PZ roadmap, and we don’t want to be dragged into ‘this was my idea’ arguments. The Indie Stone will of course fall over themselves to credit any mod author we genuinely use ideas from.)

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