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Stashes in Custom maps

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Map: Military Complex

Hey Devs i have to report something about stashes in custom maps, the addContainer function seems not work.

require "StashDescriptions/StashUtil";
-- guns
local stashMap1 = StashUtil.newStash("McStashMap1", "Map", "Base.MilitaryComplexMap", "Stash_AnnotedMap");
stashMap1.buildingX = 5439;
stashMap1.buildingY = 9213;
stashMap1.spawnTable = "GunCache1";

Stamps works good



Another Test: I modify the construction coords and the container spawn coords to a vanilla construction and works. Now i know the code works only in vanilla construction and coords. It's a Bug!!! (Please Fix that to make awesome things with this system in custom maps)

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