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Dog Food "Adding to Meals"

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Dog Food Its Wet its Gross I would not recommend eating it if you had the choice

But when the apocalypse Hits Its one of the few balanced meals


Alright i'll get to the point


Dog food in game gives 50 unhappiness and that makes sense 

but why cant it be added to meals 


i'm sure if you made a stir fry with  some dog food, canned, veggies and assorted spices 

it might just be bearable, well adding much needed fats and protein to your meal


So i just think you should be able to add it to meals

its not a big change but it would be nice


Thank you for reading =)



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This + insects (Crickets, Worms etc)

It's moddable, I've done a little mod for myself with this feature, but I would really like to see this added to the base game.

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