Will New Animations Break Saves?
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Awhile back I read that the new upcoming animation system was likely to break current saved games.


Is this still expected to be the case?


Back in late November our server members basically stopped playing upon hearing the news. We did not want to keep working on a game save that was ultimately doomed. 


We have made a few scenarios and poked around a bit doing different things, but haven’t seriously played the game in a long time. 


I know I won’t be getting an ETA on when the animations drop and when we can expect to play again in a world we can save without fear of losing it, but some insight into if saves are definitely going to be broken or not would be welcome.


Thank You!

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I think it's almost a guarantee like vehicles, since they're such a fundamental change to the game. Also I think Lemmy responded here a month or so back to the same question saying it was guaranteed. I mean, they'll probably be in an IWBUMS branch first so they won't just immediately update and break a stable branch save.

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