Bumper On Car and Mutant Zombie
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I want we can craft a car like that with cool hood because is more fun more action and add a mutant zombie here a example of both


Mutant zombie and a car like that must be awesome right.

And Modifing a car with perfect defense against zombies and a zombie cling on the hood and you have a time if you don't kill them him kill you Like Road Of the Dead

here a link of the game https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/550714

Can take a example about it.



maxresdefault (1).jpg


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This was concept art posted last year, not close to being done but this would probably be the limit of car modifications, besides modding.




Mutant and any other type of special zombies are a confirmed no as of this thread:



[n]    "Special" Infected or any type of superhuman zombies

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