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Encountered using Version iwbums 40.43(Steam)


Hi there, i have experienced a bug in which i instantly died from perfect health, here is how it went down:


I crafted a sheet rope and installed it on a window and went down, but i saw a zombie waiting for me at the other end so i kind of spammed the "E" key to get back up before getting bit, which resulted in me going back up (surprisingly fast, but not impossibly, i think it was normal) and once up there i saw the zombie wait for me at the end of the rope. Curious to see if it was actually waiting for me or just stopped following me after i became unaccessable, I weent back down the rope and right before my feet touched the ground it bit me and i instantly died.


Since the interaction and my own behavior were kind of weird i cannot guarantee this is due to the bite, maybe going up and down the rope made the game believe I fell from too high or something (maybe a resurgence of the stair death bug ?) who knows.


Anyways thanks for reading, love the game, have fun hunting bugs <3


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