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Cyrrent Eiledoll

More Stuff (Engineering and Chemicals)

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Have made a small mod wich contains some Stuff for Engineers like making Landmines oder improvised Weapons and adding some Chemicals.


I have reused some of my Textures i made for Hydrocraft so no wonder if you find some known textures.


I don't have enough time to continue working on this mod, so I decided to post it here. The Mod needs some finetuning.

I hope there's someone who wants to continue this little project.


From the Mod



Make the good old Thermitebomb Item_MSThermiteBomb.png.65c745bd5a5b572f7f9894e421dda013.png

Make special Weapons like "the Faun" Item_MSTheFaun.png.cd1aa2203941a421e7f88930ade84d06.png (needs only Nails or Screws, ripped Sheets and Gunpowder as ammunition) or "The Fang" Item_MSFang.png.320d83c5a647fa811174cdb655f13fae.png

Build a primitive Laboratory Item_MSLabLarge.png.07b347d2c06f7d440ae09c66b32eb3d5.png

and create stuff like Caffeinepills Item_MSCaffeineJar.png.58f1f41595d4c480904bc09bf12e6b14.png Chloralhydrat Item_MSChloralhydratJar.png.ef6f602ce51981e8bc432f59831cfee3.png or the good old Crystal Meth Item_MSMethJar.png.21b12c61226d511c17b060074667eed0.png (includes a function to get back your Lid when the Jar is empty)


Make Stuff like the Landmine Item_MSLandmine.png.7cb26d8a0b11bf7e015daae8674c5ad0.png with Gunpowder and a Cake Pan

Build the King of senseless destruction. The improvised Rocketlauncher Item_MSImprovisedrocketlauncher.png.2f3630d0cd5bcdd67906f0c4cda6937d.pngItem_MSRocket.png.c02a2ef92abdf75c2acb95a72d50453a.png


Find or gather various Chemicals like sulfuric Acid from Car Batteries or Sodium Hydroxide from Pipefree



All recipes are not too complicated but are close to reality.

I hope, there will be somebody who likes to continue the topic engineer and chemist and improve the mod.




Have fun and stay colorfull


P.S. Ideas i have but never made



Making Soap from Oil and Sodium Hydroxide

Make the lab a movable furniture Item (the mod contains alright 2 Textures for the Lab and 1 for an inventory Item)

Microwavegun (a gun with very small dmg but the abbility to cook an Egg) Item_Magnetron.png.a0aaae67ecc9b30272f017a0f76fc9d1.pngItem_Microwavegunempty.png.861dd8982f962a6ea9955cc0e9d43a96.pngItem_Batterypack.png.4e84f23f955e9fe9f37aaa48dc6c2cad.pngItem_Microwavegun.png.b72716cc144dce97c2ef43395bd83a6f.png

more chemicals more silly weapons

Making Alcohol with primitve Destille (no texture but i can make one like the Lab Tex)

Simple Airrifle from Bottle, Pipe, Valve and Tirepump Item_AirRifle.png.46ced033e6a5c8b793c8e291f9b068f7.pngItem_BallBearingBall.png.8172c3c3c19df732dc64b699642057d9.pngItem_HCBallbearing.png.a9fb36b29c2af38f22807ae4d5174e75.png (Balls from Ballbearing as Ammunition)

Claws from Kitchenknife and Belt Item_Claw.png.a8019c67871ccb05107c4b2dce557475.png

Thermitelauncher Item_MSThermitLauncher.png.d695866b06ae8ada8614a014f0b0a60f.png

Lab with Bunsenburner Item_MSLab.png.31304c11b02e8345198094ef12d4aa60.pngItem_MSLabLargeOff.png.df29075648d006f03a29f3673edb0433.pngItem_MSLabLargeOn.png.1173d55ee3d3a129affaa5c75c50d307.png

Methpipe Item_Methpipe.png.070b3e49c22e3340b0835daaf2ec120d.pngItem_Methpipedirty.png.381947d1882597800387fbf41c2b940f.png

Another King of senseless destruction - Grenade Launcher (works like the Rocketlauncher but can be found in Policestation or Policecars) Item_Grenadelauncher.png.5f661c29e16522e605930e38f254457d.pngItem_Grenadeexplosive.png.1d3c90e06d10caabaef3b435b50c619a.pngItem_Grenadefire.png.670ee5dfa4f30ea7c370de1f24478ff8.pngItem_Grenadesmoke.png.46827592f1f6be9b4524aab785f095b8.png

Flarepistol Item_Flarepistol.png.d7a5fe195d4c6e82f21c4192ed59f865.pngItem_Flarepistolmunition.png.617640d2ead3a319b1917b1c8c04e18e.pngItem_Flarepistolmunitionpack.png.585a6284138f413230aa753fe1159f29.pngItem_Flarepistolmunitionpackempty.png.00375454e0b00fc0cf23fea106c1c8b7.png

Explosives like HMTD made from hydrogen peroxide Item_HairColorBlond.png.df52993df3e229bfa5380f262f0d519e.png solid Fuel Item_SolidFuelBox.png.80f3cf4f71ffcad41f4babe38719bbc4.pngItem_SolidFuelCube.png.0fcc9f3ec07dad763b8177e90b1f87bd.pngItem_SolidFuelCubes.png.f791b653c3181fd54298013db829d58f.png and Citric Acid Item_CitricAcid.png.243d6b6a6f7a561a0a8c330f927ffc24.png

And explosives like Ammonal from Fertilizer



P.P.S. I have no time to work on the Mod again but if someone like the Idea and will work again on it i can make a ton of textures for it.

Edited by Cyrrent Eiledoll

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