Bootleg drug and alcohol production.

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One day, PZ humanity will run out of cigarettes and alcohol, and your character with the Smoker trait will not be happy again.


Of course you and your char can try to overcome the addiction, but what if you don't want to do that?


This is the point where I introduce you my suggestion: ability to produce home-made alcohol and drugs.


Disclaimer: I do NOT support drug and alcohol consumption. If you do, you're uncool and you better stop right now.


Here are some things that out character might produce:



This plant contains nicotine, and can be used to replace cigarettes. Seeds of this plant can be found on tobacco plantations or in Liquor & Tobacco shops.

Tobacco usually takes long time to grow.

After maturation, you can collect leaves, dry them and then use to smoke.

Haves the same effect as the cigarettes, however, makes less harm to your character (please make smoking bad).


Next up, we have...


Due to it's Psychoactive property, this plant is used to make marijuana.

Their seeds be rarely found inside houses (Let's say, previous householders were drug dealers.)

When it's grown, you can collect it's leaves and flowers, dry them and then smoke.

Considered as a drug and causes addiction if consumed in big enough amounts.



A Home-made alcohol drink.

To prepare it, you have to make mashing.

To make mashing, you need 12 liters of warm water, 100 g of yeast and 3 kg of sugar. Combine all of these ingredients together, mix it and wait for one week. After this, mashing is ready and you can distill it or consume as it is.

After distillation you can add some water to the moonshine to make it less heady.

Also can be used to disinfect wounds.



Alright. My browser history already looks bad and I decided to stop it here.

You can ask — "Why do we need all of this? We could live without this just fine." Well, this will add some content to the game and make multiplayer trading a bit more valuable. :)


Bye, y'all!

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