CarSpawnRate 6 is greater than max=5

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Dedicated server console:

1550226254921 versionNumber=40.43 demo=false
1550226275980 Loading: /home/pzserver/Zomboid/Server/pzserver_SandboxVars.lua
1550226275984 ERROR: IntegerConfigOption.setValue() "CarSpawnRate" 6 is greater than max=5



SandboxVars was generated by Custom Sandbox and saved. It loads OK in GUI, displays 'High' as a option #5.


The bug is: server sets CarSpawnRate as 6 instead of 5.

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Additional info

I have stepped from 5 to 4 in SandboxVars.lua  for this property, and now it loads without error.

However the Admin GUI displays this parameter as High (should be Normal).


So, somewhere in code it seems that incrementation of this value is being performed. Possibly as a workaround for some bug in earlier stages of Vehicles branch.

Currently those who set 4 get 'High', 3 - 'Normal', 2 is 'Low', 1 is 'Very Low' and 0 is 'None'.

Those who have 5, get default value of 'Low', which is counter-intuitive.

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