40.43: No "sound" (dialogue) from equipped Radios

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I think I've got a bug happening where radios don't produce dialogue when equipped.  Car radios and placed radios are fine.  I've disabled the few mods I have, and since verified Steam files, and appears to be in vanilla.


Has anyone else had this?

I cropped the hotbar out in the image, but radio was in secondary slot.  The behaviour is the same when it's in the primary slot.  Also the same with/without headphones and at max volume. 

You can see the dialogue from the radio in the truck, and none from the equipped radio.



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Just wondering if this bug is on the fix radar?  It's kind of a bummer to not be able to make use of radios and headphones, having to use placed radios or use vehicle radios.  They're noisy.  I like the immersion of the broadcasts during the beginning weeks.

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