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When taking a look at the nutrition system in PZ it seems that weight is the only thing I have seen for the nutrition but  I would like to add some better  improvements to nutrition on food items as well as adding more types of malnutrition.


Here are types of nutrients to be added to PZ such as...



- Vitamin B 

- Vitamin C 

- Sodium

- Vitamin D 



Types of Malnutrition that would be interesting to have are....


- Rickets (caused by a lack of calcium and Vitamin D)      


- Osteoporosis (Caused from a lack Calcium and Vitamin D)


- Beriberi (caused from a lack of Vitamin B1 )


- Pellagra ( Caused from a lack of Vitamin B3 )


- Scurvy ( caused from a lack of Vitamin C ) 



With the Vitamin nutrients category some ways to help prevent problems from consumption of Vitamins that are already in PZ to help control vitamin levels in the body other than  just reducing fatigue. 








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