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Indoor activities

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I noticed with new weather system that my character sometimes is forced to stay indoor for some time. Therefore i started to organize all my c.... stuff and i noticed few things which might be beneficial/add some more micromanagement (or simplify it) in game. so:

1. Possibility to hang map on a wall - to make like "station" in your safehouse where you can walk in and interact with map/maps - mark stuff etc. - i know there are already maps in game but many times i just forget to update them

2. Calendar on the wall (i think i already mentioned this in other post) - similar to hanging maps on a wall possibility to hang and update calendar

3. Fixing clothing - so you can fix some clothes using needle,

4. Workout - since we have new weight system, maybe we can add a book of two about fitness/strength training? and actually practice (instead of running to the wall to lvl up sprinting - really hardcore grinding)

5. Recipe book - clear book you can write your favorites recipes and make them "new Recipes" (so if you equip recipe book in secondary hand and you would like to make cabbage soup you added to it there will be option to do cabbage soup instead of re-adding all ingredients again - of course timing will sum up

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13 minutes ago, Burger_Time said:



Maybe this can grow into actual Wiring system. :)

I would love that. Partially because i have no idea what is draining my generator ( i have base in the middle of the town). 

Electrical has definitely potential to get more complex bit we might jeed to wait for this. But i'm patient ;)

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