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Crafting UI lacks global recipe search

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I originally posted this and some additional ideas for improving the crafting UX on the (ignored?) Steam suggestions forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/2/1743357605563279503/


tl;dr: It's hard to search for recipes, and in general to use the crafting UI to explore what is possible to craft, resulting in tons of immersion-breaking Alt+Tab to the wiki. We need a global recipe search. And ideally we should be able search among other things than just the recipe name, like components/tools, skills required, result (useful when recipe name and result differs) to be able to discover, in game, what is  possible to do.


Attached you find a patch that implements global recipe search by adding an All category; just select that category and use the filter to search among all recipes.


Attached you'll also find a bonus patch that binds / to focus the filter entry. :)



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How to apply these .patch files? Nothing comes up in a Google site search and this forum search is crap.


Figured it out and it was only 4 lines to manually insert for the "All" tab. Wish it wasn't so slow but better than nothing. Thanks!

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