Make Planks without a Saw

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Make Planks without a Saw (PWS) adds 3 new Items.

Item_PWSMagazineWood1.png.002c5fcef9447240eed00295c6a8eb13.png - "Woodwork Weekly Vol. 1" teach you 3 recipes "Split Log with Axe", "Split Log with Splitting Wedge" and "Split Log with Stone Splitting Wedge"

Supplementary to this you can find a new Tool

Item_PWSSplittingWedge.png.83dc7b8f96d67479327d5625ba26455b.png - Splitting Wedge. With this and a Hammer you can split Logs to Planks. You need skill in Woodwork 1. Every splitted Log gives you 2 Planks and useless Wood.


And you can make a new Tool.

Item_PWSSplittingWedgeStone.png.856a9fd212e2f03aca3d9aea1905aed9.png - Splitting Wedge from Stone. You can make this with a sharpened Stone and a Hammer. Works like the Splitting Wedge but it wears off and disappears after a few uses. Gives you 2 Planks and useless Wood too.


In addition to this you can learn to split a Log with Axe and Hammer. Need Woodwork 2 and gives you 2 Planks and useless Wood.





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