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Hi everyone! I recently opened up my own public server and have been enjoying it so far. Initially, I made my own character an admin just so that I could be able to adjust things in-game for ease of use. I always turn off admin privs before I start playing. However, every time I log into the game I appear as an admin, which is starting to cause a few problems. The first issue is that if I'm injured at all upon logging out (I was bitten last session), when I log back in my admin privileges are turned back on and my wounds have miraculously disappeared. Is there a way to make sure that my admin privs (invisibility, god mode) are turned off everytime I log in? Additionally, I've noticed that my character has the ability to read books instantly, chop trees down instantly, and barricade windows/doors instantly. I'm pretty new to multiplayer so I don't know if any of these are par for the course for MP, but if not I'd like to know a solution to this dilemma. I suppose worst case I can just demote my character to a moderator and have admin be a separate character?


Thanks in advance for the help everyone, much appreciated!

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