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There is a slight problem with logs:


[23-01-19 13:29:49] username container -8 10144,6674,0 [Hydrocraft.HCDressingcaesar, Hydrocraft.HCDressianisland, Hydrocraft.HCMustardpowder, Hydrocraft.HCOregano, Base.Ketchup, Hydrocraft.HCTurmeric].

From here we can understand that 'username' get 8 items from container. But there are 6 items in list, I figured this is unique items. How can I understand from log how much of each item were picked up?


Another example: 


[22-01-19 19:57:03] username container -22 10216,6654,0 [Base.SheetPaper2, Base.Pencil].

I can only guess that there were 1 pencil and 21 paper sheets. But it is also possible that there were 3 pencils and 18 paper sheets. Or 2 pencils and 19 paper sheets. Or 20 pencils and 1 paper sheet.



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Another beautiful example, this time complete vanilla without mods whatsoever:


[28-05-19 23:33:36] username container -50 4259,5877,0 [].

50 items. M'kay. Which items?

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