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[AU][PvP/PvE] Pantheon Servers | Hydrocraft + Others | No Whitelist

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Welcome to Pantheon Servers PvP / PvE! - 32 Slots

We recommend you join our Discord at discord.me/panth to keep up-to-date with the community and changes!



- 10x XP Multiplier
- Slow Zombies
- 45 Day Water Cutoff
- 60 Day Electricity Cutoff
- Player Safehouses



[1] Light RP, we aren't a serious roleplay server.

[2] No KOS (Kill on Sight), please attempt to talk to other players before shooting.

[3] No Metagaming

[4] Harrassment & Racism is not tolerated (unless within a roleplay scenario)

[5] No combat logging

[6] Cheating/Hacking will get you banned from all of our servers


Mods: Hydrocraft


Last Wipe: 12/02/19

Hope to see some more aussies!

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Very good server ! Soon there will be a server reset (character saved if i remember well), so i would like to know if people are interested in making some factions ?


I want to start one which "own" Valley Station, and controle the bridges. Trader faction but we will defend our ground !


I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts !

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