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[Modded, nevermind - can delete] 40.43 Trowel Dig action - RuntimeException attempted index

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Edit: I had basically forgotten I had a mod enabled (that is evidently incompatible).  Disabled it and there's no problem.  Sorry... delete this if you like.




I didn't find it if there's anything logged about this already.

Tried to use the trowel to dig, and the red error notification popped up.  Saw the message in the attached image in the console.

Tried a few places around the vicinity with no difference.  At first I thought it may have been because it was in a little fenced section.


attempted index: new of non-table: null

function: plow -- basicFarming.lua - line 680

function: perform -- ISPlowAction.lua - line 44


Build 40.43, x64, via Steam.

Trowel dig bug.png

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