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Whats going on in your project zomboid games i wanna hear some ideas for traits whatever you got


and whats new with zomboid theres so much new stuff i can't keep track If you don't know where to start tell me what updates you like from lets say build 34 on ward


I think that build 41 is going to have to the new animations I can't wait!


if you don't know what to talk about just tell me how your day was

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Yep Build 41 will have new animations aswell as new water effects/graphics!


Can't wait for Build 41 :D


it will truly be like a brand New game.


In my zomboid, I play alot of ORGM, its a amazing weapons mod, a must have! Then a map addon called Fort redstone.


unfit and obese are great! You just go to a tree in a remote area without zombies, push the tree while time is sped up and you will get back to fitness level 5 quickly. You also level up strenght at the same time! About 25.000xp on strenght for 8 minutes and about 3000xp for fitness. Strenght gets alot more xp atm lol.


I love doing this :P


Actually, very thin trait is better than obese since its alot easier to get weight than loosing it.

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