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Not a bug report. Basically crashing the game, probably from a combination of out of memory + wakeup from sleep, causes time to be lost on reloading.


This might be exploited to savescum a character 


original post:

This is a strange bug that seemed strange until I mostly reanalyzed it. I report it only because it was a crash/reload error. Im on the current test branch version. i run some itemzed mods (not hydrocraft)


My game sometimes run slow on wakeup. I'm on a solid state drive and usually multitask a lot, so when it "wakes back up" sometimes i get some temporary game stutter. whatever, i live with it.


Basically I was killing time and decided to shoot some zed. I attracted a very large crowd. They were all aggroed. and i was gonna toss a molotov.


Then my wife came in, and i left for a while, and i came back and woke the computer up. The computer was very slow on wakeup. I left again and came back, and pz had crashed.


I was nervous to come back in knowing the zed would be there, so i was steeled. Game started and i was in as near as I can tell the same spot, time shifted forward several hours (it was daylight when i paused) and it was now evening. No zed at all, and just a few in the cell. no bodies.

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