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So, browsing through YouTube a little I found this interesting Video.


At first, I thought it was a map mod or something not in the vanilla game.
I still wanted to give it a try and followed the instructions of the video, leading me through a painful 15-minute forest drive. 
(I had Sunday driver, awful trait)


Eventually, after a painful forest drive, I actually found it! A huge secure base with walls all around it, kinda making it look like the prison. 
I went inside and explored it, and there's barely any zombies in it! 
Seems like a great place to base, even though it might be a little too big to manage.


It seems to have been added with build 40, as you have to drive through a new area first to reach it.


The area is roughly here.,0.29373892068826196,111.34956212741217

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This is the only significant changes you can see on a map. Everything else is just changes in tree growth in forests.

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