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Xonic's Mega Mall

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Welcome to the largest shopping complex in the whole Knox county.


From the latest fashion to the newest movie, you can meet all your shopping and entertainment needs in this fully climate-controlled mall with over 80 stores and restaurants.

CrossRoads Mega Mall - The Best place to hang out in the middle of nowhere.


Mod Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713269594


Map Overview 



Mall Direction Map



This is my first map mod, it is a 3-cell size map, located between Muldraugh and West Point (cell 37x28)
The footprint of the mall building is nearly one-cell size, it contains all the shops of brands PZ has to offer, from GigaMart to EP Tools, Spiffo to the Pie-O-Crepe, StarEplex Cinema to Pharmahug, this one single building covered 90% of the loot table in the game so far.

Auxiliary building includes an outlet shopping street with an arcade, a bus depot, a bank, Fossoil complex and the utility building.


There are two special spawn locations, one is the lucky one which you spawn inside the mall and the mall would be zombie free, another one is the unlucky one which you trapped on the roof of a zombie infested mall.


WARNING: Due the the game's zombie spawn mechanics indoor, you should NEVER run into the trash bay, it's a guaranteed death. And like the vanilla mall, you can walk through the railing between the escalators and cause unintentional fall, be careful around escalators!


If you found any glitch, please report in the User bug report on Steam page.

And thank cardenaglo  for contribute to this mall project; Pop and eris for additional help =w=





Here are some floor plans during the development. High res pics provided by cardenaglo , click to check them out in full size.






The first level




Second level




Third level




Fourth level





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On 12/31/2018 at 12:28 AM, Xonic said:

Showrooms contain living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home theaters,  bedrooms, kids rooms, bathrooms, and two tiny home solutions 


I really love this! It definitely gives me ideas for rooms in my own buildings too. Gameplay wise its a nice little scene to recreate in your own home

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16 hours ago, cardenaglo said:

I really love this! It definitely gives me ideas for rooms in my own buildings too. Gameplay wise its a nice little scene to recreate in your own home

So glad that it gives your inspiration! In my gameplay I also like to collect furniture and improve my home. Check out my house in PZ 

    It had been updated since then, the building is almost finished now.

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I was thinking about a side story mode inspired by the movie Dawn of the Dead.


     You and 4 other survivors (two veterans, one cooker, one doctor. You can choose survivor occupations if you play custom mode) were escaping in a helicopter at the beginning of the outbreak. After hours of flying, the copper was finally running out of fuel, and you guys were lucky to find a mall to land.


    Now the game begins. You and the survivor spawns on the roof. The game would not give you any hints or tips to tell you want to do, it’s all depended on the player after.

 If the player goes to the closest door, he will enter the mall mechanical room and can choose to turn on the power for the entire mall. As soon the as power is on, a radio in the control room will try to make contact. If the player interacting with it, he will know that the whole country is almost overran and if the player can survive to the “clear up time” the army would pick them up, and the clear up time is ONE year later. Yup, you have to survive in the mall for one year.


    There are only few zombies inside the mall, but a lot in the parking lot and insanely more in the surrounding area. The surrounding area is not too big. Outside the mall parking lot is a high way full of burnt cars, a small park full of zombies, a small portion of an overran town. The is no dirt inside the mall, so if the player want to farm, he has to go pass all the zombies in the parking lot to get dirt. Wood is scarce too.  

Every two weeks, they will be a random event. For example, a van of survivors from local churches are trying to get in from the loading bay, survivors from nearly by town want to trade (they may jump you), a survivor in a gun store across the road wants to say hello, a car full of survivors crushed on the road and caused all kinds of noise. All kinds of opportunities for story elements here.


    You can accept outside survivors to join the mall to make your community stronger, but be wise of who you let in. You can get a community with population of 20-30 at the end of game.   


   After the third month, every month there will be a group of bike gang raiders try to break in and take over the mall, and every month they will bring more people and more advanced weapons.


   After the fourth month, the power grid is died. You can use the backup generator to power the whole mall, but it only has fuel for 60 days/1440 hours (fuel management time). Or you can use the small red generator to power a small part of the mall with much less fuel consumption. There are only two small generators in the map and gas cans are hard to find.


   Six months later, a harsh winter come, keep your community fed and warm or they will die.


   In the eighth months, a massive zombie horde migrant comes. Get your defense up.


   In the tenth months, the biker gangs are desperate and throw few Molotov at the mall entrance. The player has to fight them off in a hall of fire. And the fire breaks the wall, the zombies are rushing in.

The gang will make their final attack on the eleventh month and disappears after.


   In the twelfth months, other survivors (if there is any left) will remind the player to contact the army. But there is no reply. There is no rescue after all this! Survivors all become severely depressed, if the player didn’t get them back on track, they will suicide.

Two weeks later, a bitten survivor gets in the mall. In his final moment, he gives the player a yacht key and a map. He tells the player he has a base on an island. He and his wife lived there for a year. But his wife got crazy and ran away, during his journey to find his wife, he got bitten. He gives the player his legacy and turned.


   Now the mall survivors are figuring how to get to the dock. And the solution is to arm the step vans in the loading bay. The player must collect a large amount of large metal sheets. Dismantling things inside the mall is not enough, the player has to dismantle the burnt vehicle on that infested highway.


   After finishing the armed vans, final cut-scene and music is gonna play. The NPC survivor will drive the van automatically, the van will be invincible. To award the player, in this final moment of the driving to the edge of the map, the player and other survivors will get infinite ammo rifles and throwable explosives to do drive-by on the horde.


   With the echo of gunfire and zombie dropping, roll credit.  


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8 hours ago, Ciber Ninja said:

You could probably take the interiors and cut them up into several smaller buildings. We need more mini-malls.

How can I save or copy a single room and its furniture? I always wonder this. It may help me making hotels easier in the future

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On 2/3/2019 at 8:51 PM, hollis.m said:

Let us know when its finished, wondering if i can use this sort of thing for my silent hill 3 shopping mall.

Definitely giving me great ideas thanks

when the mall is finished there will be an update in this topic =w=~~

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The mall is now entering public beta testing now =w=

Download the mall testing version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ayrbv24wcuykaa/Xonics Mall.rar?dl=0

The building is finished, the parking lot is still under construction

If you see anything (except the railing, there are coding issues in the editor and the fix is on the way) that you feel odd inside the mall building, just post to this topic =w=


And thank cardenaglo  for contribute to this mall project for making the parking lot. 

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Thought about an challenge in this map: From 6 hours to 6 months

It is like the You have one day challenge, but you only have 6 hours to prepare before the horde of "homing" zombies come and the water, power shut off. The win condition is too survive 6 months in this map. 

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