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West Point Suburban (Before, After,)

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-West Point Police Precinct Incident Report-


This is Deputy "Ian Clark".


At 6:38 PM, me and my partner "Garry Coal", Responded to a potential burglary in progress. At XXXX Linkin LN.


At 6:19 PM the victim "Heather Stone" said she was alarmed by the sounds of pounding coming from the kitchen door. Upon investigating she claims to have seen a man in his mid-40s at the back door with blood on his face, growling and pounding on the door. At which point she then ran upstairs and informed her son "John Stone" of the man. At this time they locked themselves upstairs and called 911.


When I and my partner arrived at the scene we proceeded to clear the ground floor and backyard and found no signs of the culprit. When investigating the back kitchen door we found scratches on the door and traces of blood. Upon confirming the safety of the Stone Family, I and my partner then proceeded to sweep the area in a 3 block radius but found no more evidence of the perpetrator. We took the statements of the Stone's then returned to our original patrol route.


-Report Filed at 10:43 PM on 03/06/19XX-



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