Metalwork bug: Double fence gates not consuming resources

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v40.43 Steam. Character with metalworking level 10


I'm assuming that this is a bug, and that the resources should be consumed by this recipe.


Double fence gates require 8 metal pipes, 4 wire, welding rods, 2 scrap metal,  2 hinges, and of course welding mask and propane torch.


The only resources being consumed by building the gates are the hinges. Created four double-gates using no propane, no metal pipes, no wire, etc., the gates are created, placed, and usable, with all resources SAVE the 2 hinges each time having been consumed.  I mean, it's nice to be so efficient, but likely not intended :-)

Edited by zhrike
Originally wrote "double metal gate" rather than "double fence gate." Second edit: verb/subject agreement

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