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West Point Food Market. (Before, After,)


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(???): Andrew! Paige! How you two been?


(Paige): Hi uncle Cameron.


(Cameron): I told you don't call me uncle! Makes me feel old...


(Paige): (Giggle).


(Andrew): Doing fair, how about you?


(Cameron): Same considering...


(Andrew): ... Paige. How about you take this list and see what you can get. Ok?


(Paige): Ok... But there's not much in here...


(Cameron): Sorry hun, but with all the police checkpoints, it's hard for the trucks to get in. Everyone around here is getting low, even the GIGA mart is starting to get sparse.


(Andrew): Why don't you see what you can find. Ok?


(Paige): Ok!


(Andrew): ... You hear about everything going on down south?


(Cameron): How can I not? All anyone talks about.


(Andrew): All the attacks, riots, murders... Heard they found some guy ripped apart near the campgrounds to the south.


(Cameron): Great now bears too?


(Andrew): Nope... Heard he had bite marks on him. Human, bite marks...


(Cameron): Good Lord... What is the world coming too?


(Andrew): I don't know... But I'm not sticking around to find out.


(Cameron): What you mean?


(Andrew): You know that cabin to the west? One our dads used to take us too?


(Cameron): The one by the lake?


(Andrew): Yep. Going there in a few days with Paige and Haylen. Going to try to wait this whole thing out. How about you?


(Cameron): don't know... I've lived here my whole life... Worked hard to get the store up and running, don't know if I've got the heart to leave her here alone...


(Andrew): (Sigh) Come on Cam. Why don't you go stay with your grandson down in March Ridge, just for a few days until this all blows over?


(Cameron): ... I'll think about it.


(Paige): Here is everything I could find! It's not much...


(Andrew): That's fine. We can stop on the way to Murdaugh and pick up the last few things. How bout you load this into the truck. I'll pay for it, and meet you out there ok?


(Paige): K!




(Andrew): Ok. Here you go.


(Cameron): Thanks and Andy? You and your family keep safe ok?


(Andrew): You too...






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