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Police Checkpoint. (Before, After.)

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"Hello, Kentucky. This is Hayley Shaw, Coming to you on station 93.2 LBMW. I am at the scene of the newest of many police checkpoints popping up all across the Murdaugh area.


The checkpoints are a response to the numerous cases of Assault and murder taking place all across the county. Many people and businesses are protesting the increase in police presence due to it slowing incoming traffic and trade across the county and bringing outgoing traffic to almost a dead stop, Angering many people that work up north in west point, where most of the major businesses are located.


But also many are worried due to how quickly the checkpoints are appearing. This checkpoint you can see just to my right on Highway 60, was set up in as little as 20 minutes.

Many officers here were called with little to no notice. Some, still in their civilian clothing.


Some people think that the police are overestimating the amount of crime and thus are hurting the people they are supposed to protect. Some people welcome the increase in security saying that they will gladly take the extra 20 minutes to and from work if it means their families are safe.


However, others fear that the police are being stretched too thin and that what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.


In other news, a group of protesters numbering in the hundreds have been spotted south of Murdaugh heading north along highway 60, people fear this is a riot waiting to happen. But, whatever happens, LBMW will be there to report on it. This has been Hayley Shaw, and "Keep safe Kentucky."



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