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I don't know about you, but if I was to pick up a detailed magazine on how to do something I've never done before, like creating a metal crate from scrap or knowing the basic ins-and-outs about a certain vehicle, I wouldn't be able to know how to do it perfectly, forever, after one quick glance.


Currently the 'recipe' magazines in-game that you learn new abilities after one read are a bit powerful and quite a bit of clutter.  To help make the magazines more than fire tinder, they should instead be limited time recipes added that stay longer the more times you read the article, up until it stays forever. This way you'd have a reason to collect and read them several times. Reading it repeatedly in one sitting should not, however, add extra to the retention time, instead it should only add to it after X many in-game hours (perhaps between 1 to 3). Starting with say, a generous 3 hour retention span it could double each time you read it. Traits like Slow Learner and (I think it is) Fast Learner would make it take more and less rereads respectively to finally commit the recipe/information to the character's memory.


It of course would have to be tuned so it isn't too micromanage-y or tedious, perhaps a timer when hovering the magazine letting you know how long until you forget (either with an actual time amount or a generic, Already Read, Getting Fuzzy, Forgotten, status)


Thoughts, Opinions?

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